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Agnes Booth.jpg
Agnes Booth, then known as Marion Agnes Land Rookes, was born in Sydney, Australia, on October 4, 1843. She was a dancer as a young woman and came to the United States to dance in San Francisco. However, a heart condition required a change in Agnes's…

Fanny Lily Gipsy Davenport (2).jpg
Fanny Lily Gipsy Davenport,born on April 10, 1850,hailed from London, England. She was a popular actress who had her own theatre company. LikeLotta Crabtreeand many other actors and actresses, Fanny thrilled audiences throughout the country during…

Lotta Crabree.jpg
Born in New York Cityon November 7, 1847, Charlotte Crabtree, known as Lotta, spent her childhood in California. She began singing, dancing, and acting at a young age, going on tour in California while she was a teenager. Lotta's debut in the city of…
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