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Helen Augusta Blanchardl_0107.jpg
Inventor Helen Augusta Blanchard was born in Portland, Maine on October 25, 1840. She was the daughter of a wealthy shipowner and businessman. When her father's business failed and he eventually died in 1866, Helen took to patent development and…

Carrie M. Shoaff (2).jpg
Artist and inventor Carrie M. Shoaff was born in Huntington, IN on April 2, 1849. By 1880, she and her husband Urias Shoaff were living in Fort Wayne, IN. In 1884, she exhibited three of her paintings in Keil's bookstore in Fort Wayne. The Fort Wayne…

Elizabeth Agassiz (2).jpg
Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz, one of the founders of Radcliffe College and its first president, was born in Boston, MA on December 5, 1822. The Atlantic Monthly,which putblished her"An Amazonian Picnic"in March 1866,is one periodical which included pieces…
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