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Julia McNair Wright, an author, was born in Oswego, New York, on May 1, 1840.  Her A Woman of the Century profile notes: "She began her literary career at sixteen, by the publication of short stories" (804). Three years later, Julia contributed "The Life-Labor of Jean Garston" to the November 1859 edition of Ladies' Repository and also married Dr. William James Wright, a mathematician.

She wrote on topics that interested her, such as temperance and domestic life, and was extremely successful.  A Presbyterian, Julia penned several Anti-Catholic works, such as Secrets of the convent and confessional: an exhibition of the influence and workings of papacy upon society and republican institutions.  She also wrote nature books for children.  In 1895, Julia became the editor for the home department of The St. Louis Presbyterian.

Julia passed away in Fulton, Missouri, on September 2, 1903.  Her obituary in The Indianapolis Journal highlighted that Julia's "'Nature Readers' have been translated into several foreign languages and are in preparation as a textbook for the blind."



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