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Caroline Lathrop Post was born in Ashford, Connecticut, on November 27, 1824, and began her writing career at an early age.  Her family later moved to Hartford, Connecticut, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

She married Abner L. Parsons on March 27, 1844, and gave birth to Clarence Lathrop Parsons, but she lost both her husband and her young son in 1849.  After returning to her family in Hartford, Carrie moved to Springfield, Illinois, in 1851 and met Charles Rollin Post, a friend of her brother's.  She returned to Hartford the next year and continued to correspond with Charles.  They were married on October 10, 1853, and resided in Springfield (Major, 286). Over time, Caroline gave birth to Charles William, Aurelian, and Carroll.  She and her family were members of the First Congregational Church.  When the boys were growing up, Carrie "guided her boys in the arts, music, and literature" (Major, 290).  She also found time to contribute to several publications, including Chicago AdvanceLife and LightGolden Rule, and Floral World.

In 1886, Caroline's family moved to Fort Worth, Texas.  She  continued to write both poetry and prose and was involved with the Woman's Board of Missions.  The Magazine of Poetry from 1892 published both a short biographical sketch and six of her poems.  The October 1907 volume of Mission Studies included her poem "The Message of Christ and His Angel to Woman."  She published them in Aunt Carrie's Poems, in 1909.

During the 1890s, her son, Charles William (C.W.) Post, became a millionaire through his inventions in the cereal industry. Since his parents were devoted churchgoers and needed a new church, C.W. donated the money for the First Congregational Church of Fort Worth in 1903 (Major, 292). That same year, Charles Rollin and Caroline celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary, a milestone that was mentioned in Margaret E. Sangster's "Around the Hearth" page in The Christian Herald.

When he was ill in 1914, C.W. committed suicide.  In his eulogy, C.W.'s cousin, Rev. Roswell C. Post, paid tribute to Carrie and Rollin, as well as to Charlie. When she heard of her son's death, ninety-year-old Carrie wrote a poem to him.  A few months later, on October 17, 1914, Carrie passed away in Fort Worth.  She was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.


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