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Agnes Booth, then known as Marion Agnes Land Rookes, was born in Sydney, Australia, on October 4, 1843.  She was a dancer as a young woman and came to the United States to dance in San Francisco.  However, a heart condition required a change in Agnes's career path from dancing to acting. 

Over the course of her life, she also resided in New York, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, and Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.  Agnes was a very popular actress who married Junius Brutus Booth, of the famous Booth family of actors.  Her connections within the theatre world included theatre luminaries such as Kate Bateman, John Sleeper Clarke, Augustin Daly, Edwin Forrest, Tom Maguire, and Matilda Charlotte Vining Wood.

In addition to her life as an actress, Agnes was the mother of Junius Brutus Booth, Algernon G. Booth, Sydney Barton Booth, and Barton J. Booth.  Unfortunately, she lost Algernon at the age of seven in 1877, and then Barton, her youngest son, in 1879, when he was just four years old.  Four years later, the family mourned the passing of Agnes's husband, Junius Brutus Booth, Jr.

Agnes married theatre manager John B. Schoeffel in 1885, but she continued to use the name Agnes Booth in her acting career.

Agnes passed away in Brookline, Massachusetts, on January 2, 1910, and was buried in the Booth family plot in Rosedale Cemetery, Manchester-by-the-Sea.



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