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Vocalist Julie Rosewald was a member of the talented musical family called Eichberg. She was born in Stuttgart, Germany, on March 7, 1850. Her studies began at the conservatory there and continued at the exclusive Royal Theater School in Stuttgart, where only two of the most accomplished and advanced students from the conservatory were selected by the king. From early on, her talent and potential were recognized.

On completing her education, Julie immigrated to the United States, where her sister was already established. In 1869, at the age of nineteen, she married J. H. Rosewald of Baltimore, Maryland.  Rosewald also had a musical background, and she performed as a solo violinist as well as a composer.

Soon after, Julie left for Europe to pursue her studies, this time with instructor Marie Von Marra, in Frankfurt. The composer Franz Apt was engaged to tour some of the major US cities, and Mrs. Julie Rosewald was contracted to interpret Apt's work.

In 1875, her career turned to opera and operatic interpretation. Julie made her debut as Marguerite in Toronto and became very successful and popular. More opportunities opened up and she traveled with the Carol Richings Opera Company and Clara Louise Kellogg English Opera Company. She and her husband toured various European cities. As a prima donna with the Emma Abbot Opera Company, Mrs. Julie Rosewald developed her career and eventually concluded her performing, having achieved critical acclaim.

The couple moved to San Francisco in 1884. It was there that she began the next segment of her professional life, as a well-respected vocal instructor and composer. She earned a reputation as a cultural change agent in her adopted city. Fluent in English, German, Italian and French, Mrs. Rosewald was most accomplished.


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Julie Rosewald was born in Stuttgart, GER on March 7, 1847. She later lived in Baltimore, MD, Frankfurt, GER, and San Francisco, CA.

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