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Phebe Anne Hanaford, a Nantucket, MA native who was born on May 6, 1829, wrote her own collective biography of women, Women of the Century.

In addition to writing this book and many others, and editing two periodicals, Phebe was a well known Universalist minister.  Rev. Hanaford was ordained in Hingham, MA, she served there and in several other communities,and she was chaplain for the Connecticut House and Senate.

During her career, she also was a poet, an editor, a teacher, and a temperance reformer.  Phebe was involved with the women's groups Sorosis and The Association for the Advancement of Women, as well as the Grand Templars.

Her personal network included Maria Mitchell,  Mary A. Brayton Woodbridge, and relative Lucretia Mott, also from Nantucket, Rev. Olympia Brown, and Sophis Curtiss Hoffman.



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Women of the Century

Hanaford, Phebe A.  Women of the Century.  Boston:  B. B. Russell, 1877

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