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Mount Holyoke (2).jpg
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, later Mount Holyoke College, is an institution for higher educator for women in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Mount Holyoke Female Seminary was founded by Mary Lyon and opened in 1837.

Music Hall, Boston.jpg
The New England Conservatory of Music was founded in 1867 by Eben Tourjee and was located at the Music Hall in Boston. In the 1880 course catalog, he noted: "Twenty-five years have now elapsed since the Director inaugurated the Conservatory system…

Ripley Female College.jpg
Ripley Female College was a women's college in Poultney, VT. It was founded in 1863 and opened on February 3, 1864 in what had been Troy Conference Academy . The first degrees were awarded in 1866, and the institution remained in operation until…
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