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Charlotte Emerson Brown, born in Andover, Massachusetts, on April 21, 1838, was an author, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, a suffragist, and a teacher.

As the leader of the General Federation of Women's Literary Clubs, Charlotte strove to expand its membership.  Her A Woman of the Century profile notes:

"Mrs. Brown is greatly interested in the woman's club movement and gladly devotes her whole time to work for its advancement.  She possesses unusual power of memory, mental concentration, energy and business ability, combined with such sweetness of disposition and deference for others as to make it easy for her to accomplish whatever she undertakes. She is enthusiastic and inspires others with her own magnetism. She combines the power of general plan with minute detail, and her motto is that what should be done at all should be done promptly and thoroughly" (125-126).

In addition, Charlotte was a member of the Woman's Board of Missions.

She passed away on February 4, 1895, and was buried in Newark, New Jersey.



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