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Ella Maria Ballou.jpg
Stenographer Ella Maria Ballou was born in Wallingford, VT on November 15, 1852. After attending Wallingford High School, Ella became a teacher.In 1885, she became the first female reporter for the Rutland County Court. Later, she added Addison…

Alice S. Foxworthy (2).jpg
Educator and missionary Alice S. Foxworthy was born in Mount Carmel, KY onDecember 22, 1852.Alice attended Stanford Academy in Stanford, KY and later taught there. She also taught at Catlettsburg High School (KY), East Kentucky Normal School, and…

Elizabeth Robinson Abbott larger (2).jpg
Elizabeth Osborne Robinson Abbott was born in Lowell, Massachusetts on September 11, 1852, and grew up in Malden, Massachusetts. Her mother was Harriet Hanson Robinson, a well-known Lowell mill girl and author. Like her daughter, Harriet is included…
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