A Woman of the Century by Occupation

This exhibition presents the women in A Woman of the Century by broad Occupational Categories.

Within this wonderful book, the original contributors listed a variety of occupations for the women.  In one biographical sketch, a woman may be listed as a physician. However, someone similar may be listed in her biographical sketch as a doctor of medicine.  To facilitate comparative analysis, the women are grouped in broad occupational categories.  Many of these women were active in different professions and activities during their lifetimes, so women may appear in more than one category.

In addition to the general Reform category, there are subcategories for Anti-Slavery, Temperance, and Women's Rights.

For each occupational category, individuals are listed alphabetically.  Each woman's space includes her name as listed in A Woman of the Century, her occupation as listed in A Woman of the Century,  her birthplace, her status for the project (Available, In progress, Needs additional research and synthesis, or Complete), and the page(s) of her profile in A Woman of the Century.  Please click on a woman's image to see her item record.

This is a working list and will be added to and updated regularly.


MaryKate McMaster