Questions To Ponder

As you read the biographies, items, collections, and exhibits, you may want to ponder questions which range from simple to complex:

  • Where did the women spend their lives?  How frequently did they move?

  • What were their marital statuses?  Were there connections between marital status and specific occupations and/or generations?

  • What was the typical age at first marriage?  Did it change over time?

  • How many were mothers?  How did they balance work and family?

  • Did they continue to participate in their chosen occupations after marriage and/or childbirth?

  • What religious denominations did they belong to, and what role did religion play in their lives?

  • What leisure activities did they enjoy? Did they live or travel abroad?  

  • What did they create and produce during their careers (art, music, books, plays, inventions, businesses, etc.)? 

    • How did their social networks influence their careers?
    • What were advertisements for products by these women like?
  • How often were they mentioned in periodicals?

    • What did the periodicals say, and how do they compare and contrast to the presentation of the women in A Woman of the Century
  • What periodicals did they contribute to?

    • What were the audiences for those periodicals? How many periodicals did the typical author contribute to? How often were the women mentioned in periodicals? What did the periodicals have to say about them?
  • What types of books did they write?

    • Who published these books? What did the books look like? What periodicals reviewed their books? Who were the audiences for those periodicals, and how did the reviews differ?
  • Why were these women included in A Woman of the Century?  

  • Who was excluded from A Woman of the Century? Why?

  • What is A Woman of the Century not telling about the lives of these women?  How can we find out?

  • What trends can we discover as more and more women are included in the project?


The questions are endless...enjoy exploring them!