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Author, lecturer, and reformer Lepha Eliza Bailey was born in Battle Creek, Michigan on January 21, 1841.  She began her writing career by contributing to newspapers.  Lepha married Lewis Bailey in 1873 and started a family.  They lived in Battle Creek for many years.

Lepha edited Our Age and was a contributor to Grange Visitor.  She was a member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Sovereigns of Industry, Independent Order of Good Templars, Grangers, National Prohibition Alliance, and the Prohibition Party.

Beginning in the 1880s, Lepha spoke around the United States on temperance. In January of 1901, when she was living in New York City and was scheduled to speak in Johnson City, Tennessee, that city's The Comet described Lepha as the National Organizer for the W.C.T.U., praised her achievements, mentioned her work with Frances Willard, and listed positive comments from other newspapers.  The article finished by noting, "If you fail to hear this noted speaker you will miss a rare opportunity."  Later that year, Rev. C. E. Scudder praised her work in Pennsylvania at length in The Pike County Press.  Scudder wrote:

"One could hardly conceive how a human being could put forth such untiring efforts, speaking in colleges and public schools, and holding ladies' parlor meetings during the day, traveling and speaking to crowded houses, frequently so full that standing room was impossible.  Yet her brain never seemed to weary while dwelling upon the all absorbing theme, the crushing out of the liquor traffic.  Her clearness of thought as regards methods, her kindly, though energetic, forcible language, so convincing, won many, to action and duty.  May God send more such lecturers into the whitened field."
When Lepha and her daughter Viola visited her son Victor and his family in Caribou, Minnesota during the first decade of the twentieth century, she learned that the area lacked a church and Sunday school.  Lepha purchased land to summer there, and church services were held on her property. Eventually, she had a church built on the property.

By 1920, Lepha was living with her daughter Viola in Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Florida. Lepha passed away in Lake Worth on May 1, 1924, and was buried in Lake Worth's Pinecrest Cemetery.



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