Contributing to the Project

Becoming a contributor will allow you to delve into the life of a woman or two, or a topic you are interested in, then to help others learn. Together, we can add all of the women to this site and provide an enormous amount of information for learning and analysis. 

There are many ways to contribute: 

  • Inputting information about a woman's life into the field boxes on the form

  • Tagging information about a woman

  • Researching information about a woman in Chronicling America and other sources

  • Working on a Neatline map related to a geographical region or occupational category

  • Creating exhibitions relating to the life of one woman or a group of women who are in A Woman of the Century.

  • Writing for the project's Facebook page or Instagram page

  • Pinning to the project's Pinterest page

If you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact us at  

Thank you very much for considering becoming a part of the A Woman of the Century Twenty-First Century team.