NICHOLLS, Mrs. Rhoda Holmes

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Rhoda Holmes Nicholls was born in Coventry, Warwickshire, England. on March 28, 1854.  She was educated in the Bloomsbury School of Art and became an artist, an art teacher, and an author.

Contemporaries thought highly of Rhoda.  William Dean Howells included four of her pieces in his 1892 book Venetian Life.  Writing about her the next year, a journalist for Washington, D. C.'s Evening Star noted:

"Mrs. Rhoda Holmes Nicholls holds a high place in the front ranks of the lady artists of New York.  She has a large house on 50th street, which she has arranged her work, and here holds her classes.  She is one of the cleverst painters in New York."

Nicholls shared her work in exhibitions at the American Art Association and The Society of American Artists, and she was a member of the Arts Club of New York City.

Rhoda passed away on September 7, 1930.



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