VERY, Miss Lydia Louisa Anna

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Lydia Louisa Anna Very was born on November 2, 1823, in Salem, Massachusetts, the youngest child of Jones and Lydia Very.  Her father passed away when Lydia was just a year old.  

In December of 1841, Lydia began teaching at Mason Street Public School in Salem, and by 1860, she was serving as principal. She continued in this capacity until the end of the 1871-1872 academic year,  The next school year, she became principal of Dunlap Street School.

While busy with her career in education, Lydia also found time to create paintings and clay models, to write poetry and prose, and to design and illustrate books. Her design for the book “Red Riding Hood,” in the shape of the main character, was innovative and very popular.

An advocate of corporal punishment for children, Lydia wrote to Charles Brown Lore, Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, in the Spring of 1901 to support his views on this issue.  She passed away later that year, on September 10, 1901 and was buried in Old South Cemetery in Peabody, Massachusetts.



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