ABBATT, Miss Agnes Dean

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Agnes Dean Abbatt was born on June 23, 1847 in New York City. Educated at both the art school of the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and the National Academy of Design, Agnes was successful as both an art teacher and an artist. She presented her art at many exhibitions, including the American Watercolor Society, of which she was a member.

The September 2, 1893, Washington Star noted: "Miss Agnes D. Abbatt is very successful.  Her studio is in a new building on Fifth avenue, where many important artists live.  She is one of the few ladies who are members of the Water-Color Society.  Miss Abbatt paints also in oils, and is especially fond of landscapes.  Lately, she has been devoting much time to pastels."

Agnes passed away on January 1, 1917, and was buried at Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery.



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