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Sarah C. Acheson.jpg
Temperance worker Sarah C. Acheson was born in Washington, Pennsylvania, on February 20, 1844.Sarah, sometimes known as Sadie, married Dr. Alexander Wilson Acheson and became the mother to several children. The family moved to Denison, Texas, in the…

Martia L. Davis Berry.jpg
Political reformer Martia L. Davis Berry was born in Portland, Michigan on January 22, 1844. She became a teacher in the Portland Public Schools at age seventeen.Martia married John S. Berry, a Civil War veteran, in 1865. She and John had one child,…

Susan Frances Nelson Ferree.jpg
Susan Frances Nelson Ferree is our Woman of the Week. Please view the link in our profile to see links related to Susan. Susan Frances Nelson Ferree was born in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, on January 14, 1844, and grew up in Keokuk, Iowa. She married…
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