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Susan Frances Nelson Ferree.jpg
Susan Frances Nelson Ferree is our Woman of the Week. Please view the link in our profile to see links related to Susan. Susan Frances Nelson Ferree was born in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, on January 14, 1844, and grew up in Keokuk, Iowa. She married…

Flora L. Aldrich (2).jpg
Dr. Flora L. Aldrich was born in Westford, New York, on October 6, 1859. She married Dr. Alanson G. Aldrich in 1883 and pursued a medical career. Flora graduated from Minnesota Medical College and studied in Vienna, Austria, and in Germany.…

Corinne Stocker (2).jpg
Elocutionist and journalist Corinne Stocker was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina on August 21, 1871, but she lived most of her life in Atlanta, Georgia. She was an extremely intelligent and talented woman. As herA Woman of the…
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