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Nora Perry from book.jpg
Nora Perry was a New England poet, newspaper correspondent, and author. Her poems “Tying her Bonnet under her Chin” and “After the Ball” shot her to literary fame and were reprinted in newspapers across the country. Her early success led her to write…

Jane Goodwin Austin (2).jpg
Jane Goodwin Austin was born in Worcester, MA on February 25, 1831. She married Loring H. Austin in 1850 and became the mother of three children. A prolific writer, Jane was a frequent contributor toAtlantic Monthly,Galaxy,Harper’s Monthly,Peterson’s…

Helen Maria Fiske Jackson.jpg
Helen Maria Fiske Jackson, better known as Helen Hunt Jackson, or "H. H.", was an extremely popular writer. She was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, on October 18, 1831.Jackson was a contributor toThe Atlantic Monthly,Galaxy,Hearth and Home,The…
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