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Helen Dauvray (2).jpg
Actress Helen Dauvray was born in San Francisco, California, on Valentine's Day in 1859. She made her acting debut in the same city, just five years later."Little Nell, the California Diamond," as she was known, had a very successful career in New…

Emelie Tracy Y. Swett Parkhurst.jpg
Emelie Tracy Y. Swett Parkhurst was born in San Francisco, California, on March 9, 1863.During her career, Emelie was an author, a biographer, a poet, a music teacher, and a playwright. She created the Pacific Coast Literary Bureau and was a founder…

Martha R. Field (2).jpg
Martha Reinhard Smallwood Field, known as "Mattie," was born in Lexington, MO, but she spent most of her life in New Orleans, LA. "She was the first woman journalist to draw a salary in that city," according to her profile in A Woman of the Century…
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