AUSTIN, Mrs. Helen Vickroy

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Helen Vickroy Austin was born in Miamisburg, Ohio on July 19, 1829. She later lived in Ferndale, Pennsylvania, Richmond, Indiana, and Vineland, New Jersey.  Helen married William W. Austin in 1850 and became the mother of three children.

She was a horticulturalist, journalist, philanthropist, reformer, temperance worker, and suffragist.

On May 18 and 19, 1870, Helen, her sister Louise Esther Vickroy Boyd, her brother-in-law S.S. Boyd, and other local women and men led the Mass Convention in the Lyceum Hall in Richmond, Indiana to discuss women's rights.  By June of 1872, she was serving as corresponding secretary  of the Indiana Womans' Suffrage Association. Helen also served as Secretary for the Woman's Christian Association in Richmond during that decade. By 1874, she was a correspondent for The Daily Independent.

Helen was a member of the Daughters of Temperance, the National Woman's Indian Rights Association, the Indiana Woman's Suffrage Association, the Woman's Christian Associaiton, and The Travelers' League.

She passed away on August 1, 1921.



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