ALDRICH, Mrs. Flora L.

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Dr. Flora L. Aldrich was born in Westford, New York, on October 6, 1859.  She married Dr. Alanson G. Aldrich in 1883 and pursued a medical career.  Flora graduated from Minnesota Medical College and studied in Vienna, Austria, and in Germany.  Eventually, she became a physician and surgeon in Anoka, Minnesota.  

On August 19, 1901, The Minneapolis Journal published a lengthy article about Flora's new book, Boudoir Companion.  The article, praised Flora's book, discussed her life and career, included a photograph, and noted:

"Her medical studies were  pursued in the best institutions of this country and Europe, and her knowledge of medicine is not only considered profound and accurate, but she is admired and respected by the medical profession everywhere."

In addition to her medical work, Flora was  a public speaker, an author, a suffragist, a political elector, and a philanthropist.  The October 19, 1911, edition of The Princeton Union noted: "Dr. Flora L. S. Aldrich of Anoka delivered an interesting talk to a group of Duluth club women in that city last Friday afternoon on 'Social Hygiene.'  Mrs. Aldrich is a skilled physician, a gifted writer and an interesting talker."  The next week, The Princeton Union reprinted Mary McFadden's article from The Duluth News-Tribune, which calls Flora a suffragist and mentions the publication of her book, The One Man.

A Democrat, Flora appeared on the ballot as a  Presidential Elector from Minnesota in 1920 for candidate James M. Cox.

Flora passed away on March 19, 1921.  In May of 1921, soon after her death, the Minnesota Federation of Women's Clubs honored Flora at their convention.



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