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Ella A. Giles was born near Madison, Wisconsin, on February 2, 1851. Growing up in the home of a father who was a philanthropist and a mother who fostered Ella’s love of art and literature, she pursued interests in those areas throughout her life. As…

Louisa Morton Greene (2).jpg
Louisa Morton Willard Greene was born in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, on May 23, 1819. She worked in a woolen mill in Dedham, Massachusetts, where she began writing, and later taught in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.After marrying businessman and…

Flora L. Aldrich (2).jpg
Dr. Flora L. Aldrich was born in Westford, New York, on October 6, 1859. She married Dr. Alanson G. Aldrich in 1883 and pursued a medical career. Flora graduated from Minnesota Medical College and studied in Vienna, Austria, and in Germany.…
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