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Louisa Morton Greene (2).jpg
Louisa Morton Willard Greene was born in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, on May 23, 1819. She worked in a woolen mill in Dedham, Massachusetts, where she began writing, and later taught in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.After marrying businessman and…

Corinne Stocker (2).jpg
Elocutionist and journalist Corinne Stocker was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina on August 21, 1871, but she lived most of her life in Atlanta, Georgia. She was an extremely intelligent and talented woman. As herA Woman of the…

Alice_Stone_Blackwell (2).jpg
Alice Stone Blackwell was born in Orange, New Jersey on September 14, 1857. She was a graduate of Boston University.During her career, Alice was a journalist, editor, and suffragist. She editedWoman's Column and, like her mother, Lucy Stone, she…
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