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Ella Bagnell Kendrick, a native of Plymouth, Massachusetts, graduated from Plymouth High School when she was just sixteen.  After she married, she moved to Meriden, Connecticut and lived in that state for the rest of her life. Having a keen interest in science, she was very involved with the Meriden Scientific Association.

While her A Woman of the Century profile heading lists Ella as a temperance reformer, she was involved in many activities and causes.  

Just as she had worked with her husband's business when she lived in Meriden, Ella became associate editor of her husband's periodical, New England Home, when they settled in Hartford.  She utilized her editorial experience in 1899 when she became editor of Talks and Tales, "a monthly magazine composed as to text and type entirely by the blind" (Evening Star, December 28, 1899).

An education advocate, Ella wrote to Woman's Journal in 1896 about the many Connecticut women involved on educational boards in the state.

Also a supporter of women's rights, she was an active member of the Equal Rights Association and was corresponding secretary of the Connecticut Woman's Suffrage Association.  In 1896 and 1897, she was very involved with the movement by the Equal Rights Association to erect a statue in Hartford in honor of Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Her work for the temperance cause involved being a member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and a leader of the Prohibition Party in Meriden, New Haven, and Hartford.  She spoke about temperance at the 1907 New Haven County W.C.T.U. meeting and about "Women As Citizens" at the 1922 meeting. In addition, she was Superintendent of the Demorest Medal Contests.

Ella combined her interests in women's rights and temperance by speaking on 'How to Use the Ballot" at the W.C.T. U. Institute in June, 1916.  The Norwich Bulletin reported: "[s]he gave a most interesting talk, citing instances to show the way it has been used for good in many places."
She also joined with women of her Unitarian faith, being a member of the Connecticut Valley Associate Alliance of Unitarian Women and speaking at its 1922 conference.

As Ella's A Woman of the Century profile notes, "She is a woman of active habits and strong character, and she makes her influence felt in any cause that enlists her sympathies" (434).



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