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Ella A. Giles.jpg
Ella A. Giles was born near Madison, Wisconsin, on February 2, 1851. Growing up in the home of a father who was a philanthropist and a mother who fostered Ella’s love of art and literature, she pursued interests in those areas throughout her life. As…

Annie Le Porte Diggs.jpg
Politician and journalist Annie Le Porte Diggs was born in London, Ontario, Canada on February 22, 1853.She moved to Lawrence, KS and was very involved wiith the People's Party, the Kansas Equal Suffrage Association, and the Woman's Christian…

Mary Grew (2).jpg
Anti-slavery agitator and preacher Mary Grew was born in Hartford, Connecticut on September 1, 1813. She later lived in Boston, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania.Mary was devoted to abolition, speaking on the topic and collaborating with…
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