CRABTREE, Miss Lotta

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Born in New York City on November 7, 1847, Charlotte Crabtree, known as Lotta, spent her childhood in California.  She began singing, dancing, and acting at a young age, going on tour in California while she was a teenager.  

Lotta's debut in the city of her birth was at Niblo's Garden in 1864, and she quickly became a star.  With her mother by her side, Lotta toured the country in 1866.  This tour brought the young actress before audiences in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Buffalo, and Detroit.  As her popularity continued to rise, Lotta performed in New York City, often in roles that, as her profile notes, were written for her. 

Her fame spread through news of her performances and additional tours in 1873, 1890, and 1891.

During her later years, Lotta was a theatre owner, a vegetarian, and a supporter of suffrage and animal rights.  She passed away in Boston, Massachusetts, on September 25, 1924, and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery and Conservancy, Bronx, New York.


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