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Matilda B. Carse, a Belfast, Ireland native, was born on November 19, 1835.  She became involved with the temperance cause after the tragic death of her young son due to a drunken wagon driver.  For the rest of her life, this philanthropist toiled for temperance reform and supported many other causes.

As a very active member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Matilda, sometimes referred to as Tillie, worked closely with Frances Elizabeth Willard and Julia A. Ames.  She served as President of the Chicago W.C.T.U. and led the Woman's Christian Temperance Publishing Association.  One of Tillie's greatest achievements was gaining the funding for and ensuring the creation of the Temperance Temple in Chicago.  

Along with its founder Dr. George E. Shipman, Matilda raised money for the Chicago Foundlings Home, an organization devoting to aiding orphaned children.

After her retirement, she lived in Park Hill-on-the-Hudson, New York with her son David.  Tillie passed away on June 3, 1917, and was buried in Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.



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