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Clara Doty Bates.jpg
Clara Doty Bates was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on December 22, 1838. A writer from an early age, Clara attended private schools. She married Morgan Bates, a newspaperman, in 1876 and the couple moved to Chicago, Illinois.A well-known writer of…

Clara Louise Burnham.jpg
Clara Louise Burnham, born in Newton, Massachusetts,on May 25,1854, spent her early years in New York City. However, her family moved to Chicago when Clara Louise was a young girl, and she lived most of her life there. She was the daughter of Mary…

Alice Brotherton (2).jpg
Alice Williams Brotherton was born in Cambridge, Indiana on April 4, 1848. HerA Woman of the Centuryprofile notes the important roles that being raised in a home with books and a mother who encouraged writing played in setting Alice on the road to a…
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