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Clara Doty Bates.jpg
Clara Doty Bates was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on December 22, 1838. A writer from an early age, Clara attended private schools. She married Morgan Bates, a newspaperman, in 1876 and the couple moved to Chicago, Illinois.A well-known writer of…

Mary Emma Holmes.jpg
Mary Emma Smith Holmes was born on a farm near Peoria, Illinois on August 3, 1839.A dedicated reformer, she was a member of the Equal Suffrage Association, and the National American Woman Suffrage Association. In addition, Mary Emma was a leader of…

Myra Bradwell (2).jpg
Myra Bradwell, a native of Manchester, Vermont, who was born on February 12, 1831, was one the most well-known female lawyers of the nineteenth century. As a pioneer in the field, she created and argued for important legal rights, including "the law…
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