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Author Emma Elizabeth Brown was born on October 18, 1847.  Emma's literary career began in her native town, Concord, New Hampshire, when she submitted a poem to the Concord Monitor. 

Once she moved to Boston, Emma wrote a book of poems and contributed to several periodicals.  Often writing as "E. E. Brown," she penned several biographical sketches, poems, and short stories for periodicals such as AldineAtlantic MonthlyLiving Age, and Wide Awake.  

Noticing her piece "The Child Toilers of Boston Streets" in the February 1878 edition of Wide AwakeThe Ottawa Free Trader of Illinois said that "Emma E. Brown gives us a glimpse of Boston New Boys' life."  Sharing what she learned in her travels, Emma wrote "Easter in Florence."  This piece of travel writing was published for that holiday in 1895 in the Turner County Herald of Hurley, South Dakota.



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