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Sara Jane Lippincott, an author and journalist, was born in Pompey, New York on September 23, 1823.  She grew up in Rochester, New York and lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after her 1853 marriage to Leander K. Lippincott.  Later, she lived in Washington, D.C. and New Rochelle, New York.

Professionally, Sara was best known as "Grace Greenwood."  Beginning in the mid-1850s, she edited The Little Pilgrim, a periodical for children.  A very popular writer and journalist, Sara contributed to many periodicals, including All The Year RoundAtlantic Monthly, Harper's Magazine,  Hearth and HomeHome Journal, Household WordsIndependentNew York MirrorNew York Times, and New York Tribune.  She also wrote several books, including Greenwood LeavesRecollections of my childhood, and other stories, and Stories and Sketches.

Sara passed away on April 20, 1904, and was buried in Grove Cemetery in New Brighton, Pennsylvania.




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