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Anna Katharine Green, Rohlfs was born in Brooklyn, NY to James Wilson Green and Catharine Ann Whitney on November 11, 1846. She attended Ripley Female College (now  Green Mountain College) in Poultney, VT, graduated in 1866 and moved back to NY to live with her extended family. Eventually, she got married to Charles Rohlfs, an actor and stove designer who later became an internationally acclaimed furniture designer on November 25, 1884. Mrs. Rohlfs and her husband raised three children; a daughter, Rosamund, and two sons, Sterling and Roland in Buffalo, NY. 

Anna became a popular author and novelist. Her early poetic ambitions were bolstered by a meeting with Ralph Waldo Emerson.  She was one of the first writers in the detective fiction genre, and Edgar Allan Poe, Wilkie Collins, and Metta Victor were virtually her only predecessors in the writing of such fiction.  Anna had the advantage of her father, James Wilson Green's career having a major influence on her as he was an attorney who practiced in New York and was involved in many criminal cases. Her most famous detective novels include her first novel, which has been regarded as the first American detective novel, The Leavenworth Case (1878) and Marked "Personal" (1893). Other popular works of hers include, The Defense of the Bride and other poems, Risifi’s Daughter The Sword of Damocles" (1881), "Hand and Ring" (1883), "X. Y. Z." (1883), "A Strange Disappearance "(1885), "The Mill Mystery" (1886), "7 to 12" (1887), "Behind Closed Doors" (1888). "The Forsaken Inn" (1890). "A Matter of Millions" (1890), "The Old Stone House" (1891), "Cynthia Wakeham's Money" (1892).   

She passed away on April 11, 1935 at her home in Buffalo. 


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