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Mary D. Lowman.jpg
Mary D. Lowman, who served as mayor of Oskaloosa, Kansas, was born in Shelocta, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, on January 27, 1842. She married George W. Lowman in 1866 and moved to Kansas. Mary became the mother of two children.She taught for many…

Charity Rusk Craig (2).jpg
Charity Rusk Craig was born in Portersville, OH, on December 20, 1849, the eldest of three children of Jeremiah M. Rusk and Mary Elizabeth Martin. Her parents moved to Wisconsin with their family when Charity was three years old, and she lost her…

Stella A. Gaines Fifield.jpg
Stella A. Gaines Fifield was born in Paw Paw, Michigan on June 1, 1845. She later lived in Taylor Falls, Minnesota and graduated from Chicago Seminary, Minnesota. Early in her career, Stella was a teacher in Osceola WI, but she made her major mark in…
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