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Philanthropist and women's rights advocate Sophia Curtiss Hoffman was born in Sheffield, Massachusetts, on November 24, 1825.  Emma Curtiss Bascom, her younger sister, is also in A Woman of the Century.  Sophia married George Hoffman and moved to New York City.  The Hoffmans were parents to one boy and one girl.

A Universalist, Sophia was very involved with Chapin Home for the Aged, a cause of Rev. Edwin Hubbell Chapin.  Active in women's rights causes, she was a  founder of  Sorosis and an officer of the Association for the Advancement of Women.  She also belonged to the National Society of New England Women.

Sophia's personal network included prima donna Emma Abbott, whose career she gave financial support to, Charlotte Emerson BrownRev. Phebe Anne Hanaford, Julia Ward Howe, Mary Emilie Cobb, Nellie V. Mark, and Maud Howe Elliott.

When George suffered a financial downfall in 1872, and passed away soon after, Sophia's philanthropic activities diminished. By 1902, she was living at 453 West 144th Street in New York City.  Sophia passed away at her daughter's home in New Rochelle on September 12, 1905. She was buried in Claverack Dutch Reformed Churchyard in Claverack, New York.



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